Advertising & Marketing

Our Marketing & Advertising services both digital and traditional will help you to reach very large audiences — think big time commercials.

Advertising & Marketing


Over the last 5 years of building our Brand, Marketing and advertising have been a key factor in our success thus far. We have learnt and become great at researching, promoting, selling, and distributing our products or services.

As a result, we would love to provide the art of good marketing and advertising as service that will definitely help you and your business yield more success by getting potential clients or customers interested in your products and services.

We will identify your customer problems, analyze market opportunities, and create marketing materials to help you reach your desired audience.”

Our values play a big role in our Marketing and Advertising Strategies. This makes certain marketing types more prominent in our methods.

We provide the following Advertising & Marketing services;

  • Buzz Marketing

    Buzz Marketing, also known as word-of-mouth marketing for Businesses looking to launch a brand or garner the attention of potential influencers

  • Affiliate marketing,

    Affiliate marketing, also known as co-branding which enables us to collaborate with other brands on strategic marketing programs. These brands aren’t competitors, but rather share key audiences and similar with us.

  • Event Marketing

    Event Marketing for opportunities to promote products and services through exhibits, displays or presentations, online or offline; and some forms of Brand and Digital marketing.

  • Social media

    Social media campaigns have also proved to be a great and effective marketing form that has helped us leverage the reach potential of social media outlets such as Facebook YouTube and Instagram to increase visits to our place of business, website, blog, other platform.

Our Social Media Reach

Social Media is an essential tool for increasing brand awareness, creating relationships and driving engagement.

Even though our social media following may seem small compared to other similar platform across the Globe, we have still been able to build business, boost awareness and retain customer loyalty by creatively combining other marketing methods.

As of now, we boast a Facebook following of 70K + which is currently the highest following of any media company on the Copperbelt; plus 9K Instagram Followers and 1k YouTube followers

  • 70K + Facebook followers
  • 9K Instagram Followers
  • 1k + YouTube followers

What Our Clients Say

A few words from out clients.

The photographers are really fun and friendly its an experience working with them ,they are one of the best media house in the city.
Clayton Shamboko
They are good at what they do, so far one of the best in Zambia, Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them. I highly recommend.
Jacob Mutanti Chanda
CEO - Jarminoch Company Ltd
Not only are they exceptionally talented artists - their pictures and work is amazing. If you are looking for brilliant photography and you’ve found BT AFRICA, then stop looking – immediately
Moses Mwila
Moses Mwila
Co-Founder - Zykar Solutions

Let's Work Together.

Work with us to beautify and capture the Moments that matter and to reach the right audience.