Elijah and I met some 12 years ago, 6 of which we spent dreaming and planning about what we would do in the future. Back then, all we could do was hold onto our dreams while life kept knocking us down to the ground. Sharing dreams was a sweet escape from all the pain and hardships.

Along the way, I personally lost a lot of my faith, love and hope for everything else. All I could think about were those dreams. The thought of achieving them felt like fighting for freedom. Elijah would always say to me that one day, we would achieve all our dreams, doesn’t matter how long. The 7th year of our friendship was the year we decided to put one of these big dreams into action, starting a Media Company. The mission was to use visual content created through film and photography for collaborations and to help in developing creative and innovative minds under an environment that would allow for them to generate unique content, power influential brands & platforms and to inspire & entertain people from all walks of life.  And for the last 5 years, we have done just that.

It hasn’t been easy, but through the ups and downs, we have still been able to bring together talented and skilled youths and helped them grow however we could. We used our investments and income from other departments of our company to push these talents. However it is sad for me to announce that the program was shutdown. A lot of the members where either dismissed or decided to leave before the shutdown.  Despite this, some of these talents have gone on to achieve even greater things while others haven’t been as fortunate as is the nature of life. Like a friend of mine always says, “Tafimbwa Lubilo, naiwe akashita kakafika.”

In the last 5 years we have been able to achieve a lot of big things despite many challenges. Probably failed even more times. Now as we look forward to the future, as we prepare to hustle even harder than before, we would like to take the time to thank everyone who has played a role in the growth of this dream both clients and former members alike. We wish the all the best.

Below is a list of Members who are currently collaborating with us;

The Kopala Pastor, Bad Man Dizo, K’Chinga & No ID Africa

We are now calling what used to be B.T Entertainment and B.T Music the new Arts & Entertainment Division which is all inclusive and open to any Individuals, Firms and Corporation that would want to collaborate with us.

To everyone else young and old from any part of the world who support us, we would like to appreciate you and thank you. May God be with you and remember, we your family of big teams will always strive to achieve big things.

Roulcent B. Mubanga