Ashleigh Lawrence


ASHLEIGH LAWRENCE Ashleigh is a Zambian renowned model , she grew up on the Copperbelt, in Ndola to be specific. Ashleigh evidently possesses immense untapped talent, she is rigorously hell-bent to achieve her vision which she and people who have worked with her can see. Undeniably, she will change the perception of models in Zambia.

She is very picturesque and is embed to propel to greater heights on the society’s pedestal. She is a natural at work and portrays a sense of professionalism which is highly commendable. Ashleigh is definitely a role model for the younger people who may want to follow in her footsteps.

We believe Ashleigh is a gateway to many careers and the reason she pushes forward until she achieves her dreams is not just for her own success, when she undeniably attains her dreams especially in uncharted territory, others will unleash their greatness, its like a bulldozer making a road and then everyone else passes through, continue supporting Ashleigh and entire BT AFRICA fraternity, Thank you all for all the support. May his mercy be upon us all now and beyond

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