About Us

Big Teams Enterprise Limited also known as B.T Africa is a Media and Entertainment Company that creates content to share with the World and uses Innovative ways to provide services for the different media markets.


To develop creative and innovative minds under an environment that allows them to generate unique content in conjunction with powerful brands and platforms. All to inspire and entertain people from all walks of life and provide excellent services that positively contribute to the growth and development of the Global Community.


To be one of Africa’s most entertaining and influential media brands. Changing the world to better place through the expression of media, the arts and entertainment

History and Overview

It was in April 2016 when the brand you see today came to life. Founded by two young men in their early 20’s with just a Samsung mobile phone [Galaxy S4] and Acer laptop [Refurbished], they entered into the photography and videography world. All while tackling the foreign language of marketing and post mass production. Today, they are privileged have become the most popular and influential media company in the City of Ndola, amongst the top brands on the Copperbelt and recognized by many high profile individuals, firms and Corporations. Not to mention the fact that they have been able to build a fiercely loyal community supporters, highly populated by the youths.

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We have being Providing exceptional Media Services for 5 Years. And we still continue creating content to share with the World and uses Innovative ways to provide services for the different media markets.

Core Values


The concept of family as a value takes its roots from the friendship and brotherly relationship between the two founders. The two were raised in the same area but first officially met in the year 2010 in what could be recounted as a heated encounter. However, they were able to bury the hatchet and become best of friends. With time they began to create plans for the future together and in the 6th year of their friendship, they started the company known today as B.T Africa. They went through many trials and tribulations before and after the foundation of the company. With much love and appreciation for what they created, they were able to jump past the hurdles that were thrown in their way and emerge stronger than ever. Hence it seemed for to and the principle of family to the core values of their company. The environment you see at B.T Africa today, is what they strived for years to achieve. A place where members are able to interact with each other and the rest of the community. The family values instilled in the brand of B.T had helped grow a supportive and diverse clientele consisting of corporations, firms and individuals.


Development is key to the growth of a community. However development has to start with each individual before it can spread and create positive change. We carefully select individuals with unique talents and skills who are passionate about the media industry and help them develop. We instill in them humility, and self-confidence so that they can freely create and innovate. However it is important for them to understand that their development contribute the development of other members, the community and Africa, not just their personal development.


We are always in service to others whether it be through content creation or through providing our media services and products. Both the content and services are diverse and of excellent quality allowing our customers and content consumers to choose from a wide range of services and enjoy unique content. We treasure our community so much so that we make sure that their experience with us is perfect. By being in service of our community [that is consistently growing], we contribute directly and indirectly to the development and growth of Africa and positively change the mindset of Africans.

B.T Africa

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